Amigurumi Ornaments

Want to incorporate amigurumi into your holiday decorations this year? (I know I do!) Here's a super quick and easy way to turn a regular miniature amigurumi (such as Lil Giddy-Up) into a Christmas tree ornament.

Step One: Gather Materials

 You are going to need just a couple of things to make your ornament:

  • Your finished miniature amigurumi (approximately 4" tall or smaller)
  • Black yarn
  • Scissors
  • Darning Needle

Step Two: Attach the Ornament Hanger

To get started, cut a length of black yarn... 6 or 7 inches long is probably good.


Use your darning needle to thread the black yarn through your amigurumi. It's important to figure out your toy's center of gravity if you want it to hang straight. To figure out whether your ornament is balanced or not, thread the yarn through your toy and simply let him dangle by the ends.

For example, Lil Giddy-Up's head is a bit large in comparison to the size of his body, so if I attached my yarn to the very top of his back he wouldn't be very balanced. In fact, he would fall forward on his head when if I tried to hang him up. Since I don't want a grazing horse ornament, I instead attached it to the base of his neck, right where his head and body are joined together.


Step Three: Finish It Off

Once you have the yarn in the correct position, tie the ends together in a square knot. If there is a lot of excess, trim the ends to 1/2" long.


You could simply leave it like that and hang your ornament up as is, but I like to hide the knot inside my amigurumi. Slide the knot around and pull it inside the toy. It's very possible there are still yarn ends poking out; gently pull the loop of yarn back and forth a bit until the ends are nicely concealed inside your toy.


Step Four: Hang It Up!

This step is pretty self-explanatory, right?


There you go! Enjoy your adorable new ornament! This works for all sorts of small-sized amigurumi, (I've made one in the past using using Nel the Tiny Owl), just be warned that they might start taking over your Christmas tree...

Have a Happy Holidays!

Posted by Patty on
Wonderful idea. I've been thinking of making tiny amis & this gives me an additional way to use them!
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