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It's Work-in-Progress Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday #1
Welcome to my very first WIP Wednesday! The way that this will work is every Wednesday (hopefully), I will show off some of the things I am knitting or crocheting for the week. Be…

Something I've Been Dy(e)ing to Try

I finally get to try out hand-dyeing my own yarn!
Over the weekend I got to try out something I’ve been dying to try for a long time: dyeing yarn with Kool-aid! If you have ever drank the stuff, you know that it dyes just about e…

Welcome to the Toy Box

It's my very first blog post! See what's going to happen at Monster's Toy Box.
Hello! If you have found me through my Facebook or Ravelry page, then you may know that I am Alyssa, and I’m obsessed with knitting and crocheting adorable stuffed animals. If not…