Confetti Yarn, Take 2

Recently, I’ve been playing around with dyeing yarn using a crock pot and wanted to share my results with everyone! This isn’t a full-blown Monster’s Dye Pot post, however, because I’m more or less redoing one of my previous experiments.

In the past, I have dyed my yarn in a Pyrex dish and heated it in the microwave to set the colors. However, I was never quite happy with it doing it that way for a number of reasons. The Confused Confetti yarn I made a while back might be good example of why. For all intents and purposes, that experiment was a “success”… the yarn turned out lovely! But it wasn’t quite what I aiming for. That pretty light green was total accident caused by the dye seeping through the yarn and into the dye bath before I had the chance to transfer the yarn to the microwave and set the dyes.

My hope was that a slow cooker would give me a bit more control. And most importantly, it would allow me to apply the dye to the yarn while it was being heated, so there would be less mixing and things would set nicer.

For my slow cooker experiment, I used 100g of I Love This Wool! Naturals in the Ivory color way. I added it to the crock pot with 3 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of vinegar (which might have been a little overkill). I ended up having to add more water later on to replace what had evaporated during the steaming process.

After allowing the yarn to heat up for a while, I repeated the process I outlined my Confused Confetti experiment. I dipped toothpicks into my Wilton’s Icing Dyes and then dotted the surface of the yarn with various colors (I used Copper, Lemon Yellow, Pink, Burgundy, Teal, Kelly Green, Royal Blue and Violet).


Then I set the Crock Pot to “low” and let the yarn steam. I was actually a little nervous, because that was part where the Confused Confetti yarn went “wrong”. On the top of the yarn, everything looked wonderful and polka-dotty, but under the surface, all of the colors escaped into the dye water. Once I felt sure the colors were set, I rearrange the skein in the pot… the dyes hadn’t penetrated beyond the top layer. I ended up having to apply two more rounds of polka-dots to get good coverage, each time, picking up the skein and gently placing it with its white sections exposed.

In the end, this is the result:


I’m really happy with how it turned out! There’s a healthy sprinkling of colors with a good amount of white space mixed in. There are no set plans for this skein, but I have a neat idea of what I could use it for.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this short(ish) yarn dying experiment. The dyeing itch is still strong, so I might be back pretty soon with some more!

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