Jolly Holly the Dolly

One of my original concepts for Holly the Dolly was to have multiple different outfits for her to wear. While it never made it into the final version of the pattern due to time constraints, I still love the idea and with the holiday season in full-swing, I finally had the chance to put at least part of my original plan into action… I came up with a simple, Santa-style dress for Holly to wear and with some slight modification to the base pattern, you can make your own festive, jolly Holly the Dolly as well!


Yardage Requirements:

Shown in Vanna’s Choice Solids:

  • Color 1: Black (15 yards)
  • Color 2: Beige(40 yards)
  • Color 3: White (25 yards
  • Color 4: Scarlet (45 yards)
  • Color 5: Chocolate (35 yards)

Feet, Legs and Body:

Work according to the pattern directions.


Round 1-7: Work according to the pattern directions.

Do not fasten off; switch to Color 3 and continue working:

Round 8: In the front loops only, SC 2 in each st around—96 sts

SL ST in the first stitch of the round and fasten off.


(Crocheting the ruffle on the skirt)

Head, Hair and Pigtails:

Work according to the pattern directions.

Arms (Make 2)

Round 1: With Color 2, SC 6 in Magic Ring—6 sts

Round 2: (SC2 in next st) 6 times—12 sts

Round 3: (SC 2 in next st, SC in next st) 6 times —18 sts

Round 4 and 5: SC in each st around—2 rounds

Switch to Color 4

Round 6: (SC2tog, SC in next 4 sts) 3 times—15 sts

Round 7 and 8: SC in each st around—2 rounds

Round 9: (SC2tog, SC in next 3 sts) 3 times—12 sts

Round 10 and 11: SC in each st around—2 rounds

Round 12: (SC2tog, SC in next 2 sts) 3 times—9 sts

Round 13 and 14: SC in each st around—2 rounds

Fasten off with long tail.

Sleeve Cuffs:

Hold the arm with the hand pointing away from you. Join Color 3 in the last st of round 6 with a SC 2; this is the first SC 2 of the round.

Round 1: SC 2 in each st around—30 sts

SL ST in the first st of the round and fasten off.


(Joining the cuffs to the sleeves)


CH 14, SC in 9th CH from hook, CH 8;

Turn the work so that the back is facing you and insert the hook through the SC (see photo below).

SL ST in this stitch; CH 5.

Fasten off.


(SL ST through the SC to make the ribbon)


Assemble the doll according to the pattern instructions.

Place the ribbon to the front of either pigtail and sew into place.

Weave in any loose ends.

Congratulations on Your Finished, Festive Dolly!

If you want to save this modification to print or take with you, I have included a PDF version for you to download!

Jolly Holly the Dolly Pattern Modification PDF

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial!

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Thank you so much for Jolly Holly the DOLLY MODIFICATION PDF, such a sweetie doll. I've been needing some happiness in my life lately and this gave me happiness tonight. Bless your holidays.
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