It seems that every year, I find myself slightly envious of all the pretty “one granny square/hexagon/row a day” Afghans, scarves and other projects everyone has started. And I think to myself, what a neat idea… if only I had thought about that a little sooner than the middle of January!

Well, this year, I finally planned ahead! I will be making myself a new afghan for 2016. One row at a time, and one day at a time.

I am going to make a simple variation of Lucy’s Granny Stripe blanket. Instead of Double Crochet like the pattern calls for, I am going to use the slightly shorter Half Double Crochet. To make a blanket of the size I want would take about 220 rows of Double Crochet. Using HDC will push that number to around 300.

And did I mention that the stripes were going to be completely random? No preset stripe generation for me! Since I am going to use six different colors, I think that a roll of a dice will do just fine. My one rule for the stripes it that I will not do two rows of the same color back-to-back. If the same color gets rolled twice in a row, I will let myself reroll for a different color.

Speaking of colors, here is the color scheme I have decided to use:


The official list of colorways (I'm using I Love This Yarn! Solids) and the number I’ve assigned each of them is below.

1: Greybeard

2: Graphite

3: Hot Orchid

4: Iced Violet

5: Turquoise

6: Keylime

I loved how the Keylime, Turquoise and Hot Orchid looked together on my Cute-aeous Era dinos, so I picked those, plus two shades of grey to neutralize it a little bit. I needed one last color, so I decided on the paler Iced Violet for a bit of contrasting values.

Today is day and row #6; even though I only have a little bit done, I love how it is turning out.


This photo is from yesterday, so there are only the first five rows plus the Single Crochet set-up row shown here. The sequence so far is 1, 5, 3, 4, 2 and 6.

Does anyone else have some big projects coming up in 2016? I’d love to hear about them!

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