Seaming Squares

Welcome back for our second weekly tutorial for the Granny's Monster Crochet-a-Long! All month long I am going to be posting tips to help us along as we make our monsters together. Be sure to check out the CAL announcement for more information and head on over to the Monster's Toy Box Ravelry group to join in on the monster-making fun.

Tips for Seaming those Granny Squares

Sewing up the granny squares will probably be one of the trickier parts of the Granny's Monster pattern and if not tricky, than at least the most tedious-- after all, I understand that not everyone enjoys seaming as much as I do! This week I have put together a couple of tips that have made things a little easier and have streamlined the process as well.

Tip #1: Lay Them Out and Line Them Up!

You can save a lot of time spent ripping out the seam and redoing things if you take a quick minute to make sure everything in place before you begin sewing.


I like to lay out all of my granny squares before I sewing. First I arrange them in proper color order, and then I make sure that the tail ends all emerge from the same corner (the way I do it, I want them to be in the top right corner). While I’m sure there is a way to fudge it a little bit if necessary, it is definitely easiest to start in the same spot every time. It also helps to build up a rhythm, which will in turn make seaming all of those granny squares a lot quicker.

Tip #2: Match Up the Corners

Those corner chain stitches can potentially be your best friend while seaming. Granny squares are happiest when they all line up properly and the chain stitches serve as a good guideline.

To start things off right, take the tail end of the yarn and pull it through the chain stitch just in front of where you fastened off.


Then pull the tail through the chain stitch on the other granny square. That will square up the right-hand corner; continue to whipstitch across the granny square as directed.

When you get to the opposite corner, you will do almost the exact same thing. If all is well and the edges line up properly, you will sew through the chain stitch on the "front" granny squares first, and then through the back.

Tip #3: Reinforce the joins

Of course, those corners could also be one of your worst enemies when it comes time to join together the panels of granny squares, as that is the place holes love to pop up in.


Do a little extra weaving to keep those pesky gaps at bay. If you look at the picture, you can see I’ve already sewn the corners of the light blue and yellow squares on the right, but I’ve gone back the light blue corner again as I sew the corners on the left side together. This will help to prevent any funny business from thost holes.

Tip #4: Give a Little Tug!

Once you have finished a seam, be it on a square or entire strip of them, give the yarn a little pull to make sure all of the stitches are nice and tight, and then give the edges a good tug to smooth it out and make sure the stitches are evenly distributed and not too tight. You want the body of your monster to be as smooth as possible, but if your seam is too tight, it puckers and the granny squares form into a little bubbles.


These are just a couple of ways that I’ve found to make my granny square-making a little easier. If you are a granny square pro and have some more helpful tips, we would love to hear about them!

I will be back once again next week to chat a bit about joining the first round of the monster’s body and how it is okay not be 100% perfect all of the time.

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