The Unmunchie Monster

I think we can all agree that the Munchie Monster is pretty fun with his great big belly waiting to be stuffed full of things. But what if Munchie were just a plain old monster… no belly, no big smiling mouth begging for food? Just a normal, snuggly monster stuffed full of fluff?

This is the result of my experiments, the “Un”-Munchie Monster.  I hope everyone enjoys this simple little modification to the Munchie Monster pattern!


Yardage Requirements:

I Love This Yarn! Solids in Rouge (220 yards)

Scraps of Black for embroidering the mouth.

Teeth and Inner Lining:

These parts are not required for this mod and do not need to be made.

Arms and Legs:

Work as directed in pattern


Round 1 to 33: Work as directed in the pattern.

Round 34 to 45: SC in each st around—12 rounds

 Ignore instructions for moving the first st of the round, the stitch marker is fine where it is.

Begin stuffing the monster’s belly and face; it will be difficult to add large amounts of stuffing once you begin the ears so do as much as you can now. If you are using plastic safety eyes, attach them now to round 40 spaced 10 stitches apart. Felt eyes will be sewn on after the monster is finished.

Do not fasten off. Continue to work the ears.


Work as directed in the pattern.


Stuff the monster’s ears using the opening between them. Start with a small bit in the tip of the ears and slowly fill the remainder of the ear for the best shape. Add any additional stuffing to the top of the head, and then use the tail end of the second ear to close up the gap.


(Sewing up the gap between the ears; shown after the limbs are sewn on)

Stuff the monster’s “hands” and lower part of the arm, leaving the top mostly unstuffed and floppy. Attach the arms to either side of the monster at round 32,

Stuff the legs, flatten them, and attach to rounds 14 and 15 spaced about 8 stitches apart.

If using felt eyes, sew them on now.

With a scrap of black yarn, embroider the monster’s smile. I used stem stitch to create a smooth, curved line. You can find tips on how to embroider monster mouths in this tutorial. If desired, use white felt to create teeth for your monster as well.

Weave in any loose ends.

Congratulations on your finished Unmunchie Monster!

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Thank you for The Unmunchie Monster modification, sooo cute. Now I can have double awesome cuteness fun in the making.
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