So… it’s been a while. Almost eleven months, to be exact. And a lot has happened during that time:

We had the first ever Monster’s Toy Box Mystery Crochet-A-Long:

In February, I hosted my first ever MCAL over on the Monster’s Toy Box. Even after having dreams (nightmares?) that everyone would guess what the creature would be on the first clue, I managed to stump everyone until the very end.

To be fair… I was a little sneaky. “Valentine” was not actually a single critter, but two!


The final result: Valentine the Rhinoceros and her Oxpecker pal Ozzy!

I graduated:


Phew, this was a big one! Back in May, I received my Associates of Science degree and graduated Summa Cum Laude. I still have a little bit of work left until I get my Bachelor’s degree, but I am very much enjoying this achievement and all the effort that went into it.

I moved… again:

Oh boy, that was quite the ordeal. Without going into the details, there was about a two month period during the summer where I didn’t have internet access while we relocated from one state to another. It more or less shut the whole Monster’s Toy Box operation down for a little bit. Thankfully, that’s behind me, everything has started to settle down, and I am finally getting settled in again.

I released 14 new pattern on Ravelry:

Even through my blogging hiatus, I’ve been very busy with designing new amigurumi for Monster’s Toy Box:


The full list:

My most recent edition to the Toy Box line-up. All aboard!


And… tomorrow, I’ll be adding three more critters to that list with the debut of the Land, Sea, and Air eBook:


So there is a little update.

My goal for the immediate future to finish up some of the updates to website that I’ve started (like finishing up the pattern store pages) and hopefully doing a blog post at least once a week. For a while there, I wasn’t feeling very inspired… I had sort of run out things to say. But I have a lot of ideas churning about in my brain and a lot of cool things going on behind the scenes that I am really excited to share!

I will see you tomorrow with three times the pattern release action!

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