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It is time for a change! Last week, I reached Work-in-Progress Wednesday and Finished Object Friday #100. These two series have been a staple on my blog pretty much from the get-go, and while they have lived to a ripe old age, it is time to say good-bye and move onto some bigger and better things.

There are a couple of reasons for the change:

First, Work In Progress Wednesday and Finished Object Friday were hosted by Tami’s Ami (of Candy Skein fame). Every week, you could add your name to a list of all the other people participating in WIPW and FOF, but it has not really been active in over a year now.

Second, while I like sticking to a schedule, I don’t always like being I confined to just Wednesday and Friday posts. There have been times when I made something on Sunday or Monday that I really wanted to share, but had to wait until later in the week because that was when the “proper days” were. Granted, I will probably still stick to a (usually) Wednesday/Friday Schedule, but now it is a bit more flexible. I think it will allow me to be a bit more creative in my content and format.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce their replacements: What I’m Working On and Off the Hook, for all of the things I am working on, and all of the things that have managed to hop off my hook.

So then… what have I been working on this week?

My MEGA monster has gotten considerably bigger since last week. I’ve tried to give him a built-in mouth with a bit of a pouty lip. We will see how it turns out in the end!


I dyed up some more combed top as a part of FreshStitches’ Witch Hat Craft-a-Long. It was a good excuse to play around with some Black and Purple Wilton’s colors. I personally think it looks a bit more like a spiral galaxy than a witch’s hat, but I think it looks lovely anyway. Now I just need a free spindle to spin it up on!


I have also been working some new blog theme icons for the new series. Here is the What I’m Working On icon. I am not entirely pleased with the grey shadow underneath the Monster, but it didn’t turn out too bad. This was done in GIMP on an ancient drawing tablet.


A bit of an aside about the scarf the Monster is holding… I had a really hard trying to make it look “right” when draped over his leg, so I grabbed my Granny’s Monster (because he can sit down) and a spare scarf I had lying around and posed him as a “model” for the drawing. I think it worked pretty well!

And, Friday is turkey time! I will be announcing his new name later today, so if you have not given your suggestion, be sure to do so on the Ravelry group for a chance to win the pattern!

Posted by Michaela on
I love the new graphic! You are so talented in all that you do :) excited for your new format as well. I've been checking all day to see the announcement of the turkeys name! :)
Posted by Theresa on
Love the new look. The monster drawing is great!
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