Monster's Toy Box Tutorials

Granny's Monsters CAL

#1: Joining Yarn With a Double Crochet/ Crocheting Over Tail Ends

#2: Tips for Seaming Granny Squares

#3: Improv Is Okay/ Dealing with Granny's Monster's First Round

#4: Making Stem Stitch Smiles

Mini Mania CAL

#1: Tips for Tiny Crochet

#2: A Spectrum of Sizes/ How Yarn Choice Affects Size

#3: Embroidering Yarn Eyes

Farmyard Friends CAL:

#1: Sewing a Cross-Shaped Leg Seam

#2: Attaching Amigurumi Pieces in a Square


Making Mini-Amigurumi Ornaments

Pattern Modifications

102_0747_resize.jpgMini Clara the Ice Cream Cone UnMunchie_Icon.jpgThe Unmunchie Monster

JollyHolly_Icon.JPGJolly Holly the Dolly Slowpoke_Icon.jpgSlowpoke the Donkey


Monster's Dye Pot

#1: Space-Dyeing Mini-Skeins

#2: Dyeing Roving with Easter Egg Dyes

#3: Colorway Copy Cat (Imitating a commerical yarn colorway)

#4: Dyeing Confetti and Polka-dotted Yarn

#5: Using the Random Dye Generator

Older Yarn-Dyeing Experiments

First Hand-dyeing Experiment (Kettle-Dyeing)

"Glazing"/Mutliple Dye Baths

Dyeing Roving with Generic Kool-aid

Twisting/ Resist Dyeing (Dye Pot Confidential Technique)


Random Dye Generator

Can Knitting Patterns Be Converted to Crochet?

Easy Seaming for Flat Knitted Amigurumi Limbs